[1 ml / 8.5 ml / 30 ml]

Alhambra - overwhelming bouquet of white and exotic flowers, rich in green notes. It evokes sinking into the intense scent of precious magnolias, peonies, gardenia and narcissus.

The Alhambra is a night stroll in a flowering garden, warmed by the sun during the day, with a moonlight, it breathes freshness with relief.

The name of our perfume ("Alhambra" Spanish: [aˈlambɾa]; Arabic: الْحَمْرَاء [ʔælħæmˈɾˠɑːʔ], Al-Ḥamrāʾ, literally "Red") derives from the name of the Arabic fortifications and a palace from the 9th century AD located in Granada, Andalucia. It is characterized by the use of red clay for construction. The essential oils and absolutes from which we have composed our perfumes remind us of the colors of these historic buildings.

/ We created a fragrance with a mission - to disenchant our perception of "floral" fragrances, often intrusive, monotonous, sweet and synthetic./

They can be applied to both skin and clothing.

Just like natural cosmetics, including natural perfumes, can cause an allergic reaction.

INCI: alcohol, parfum *

COMPOSITION: alcohol, fragrance *

* only natural ingredients: essential oils, absolutes and tinctures

do not contain animal ingredients

The perfume label was made on cotton paper, printed in black using letterpress technique, golden frame is hot stamping. Both prints were made on over 100-year-old printing machines from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Our bottles come from the north of France, where are manufactories producing semi-hand-made perfume bottles, the last manufacturers in the world outside of China.

The bag added to the perfume, sewn and printed in Warsaw, is 100% made of cotton, tightened with a cotton string without nylon inside.

Natural perfumes, unlike synthetic perfumes, not only offer a much richer olfactory experience to their owner, but also have aromatherapeutic properties due to the content of natural essential oils.

Our "Extrait de Parfum" perfumes stay on the skin for about 5 hours. All our perfumes are devoid of aroma, durability and range enhancers. Natural perfumes are created for the holder / wearer and not for the environment. The natural fragrance persists in our private area and is a discreet highlight of our personality.


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