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Bartosz i Marta, opening of the store at 25 Kopernika Street, Warsaw, 5th December 2018 fot. Karolina Jackowska


There are two people behind Jan Barba: Marta Grzebisz and Bartosz Puzio with a little help from our family and fiends.

Bartosz started working on the first cream (which later became Bioelixir M) in 2012. He was living in England at the time and was suffering from facial skin irritation caused by a typical drugstore synthetic cosmetic and weather conditions. The first, very simple - 3-component, but completely natural version of the cream improved the condition of his skin so much that encouraged, he began to expand his herbal knowledge. He attended the university library, where he looked for information that would help him improve and develop this first cosmetic, and so it happened. When he met Marta during an Italian language course in 2015, after about two weeks of acquaintance, he gave her the first jar of cream. That's when they started making plans to create a brand together based on their values. Thanks to hard work and decks of enthusiasm, our own brand has become a reality, and after a few years, we are here at the end of 2020 as we write these words, having line of our own cosmetics, natural perfumes and our own brick-and-mortar store in the center of Warsaw.

Our brand is our way of shaping the part of the world we want to live in - with care for other people and ecology.

Since 2016, we have been creating our manufacture, from the beginning we assumed that we would be a family, niche company, drawing on the best craftsmanship traditions.

We want to operate on a small scale, build relationships with people, talk and listen, be slow business. Our work is our passion, which is why we want to keep in touch with our customers.

Jan Barba is a brand that we came up with, neither of us is called that way.


We call our cosmetics "raw" - for good reason. They have colors, textures and smells resulting from the used ingredients. Therefore, they may differ significantly from what you know in cosmetics so far. Some of them may be intensely herbal, others slightly oily, they may have a very thick consistency or a distinct color. We have made sure that each of them is accurately described. However, things like smell and texture are not easy to describe due to the subjectivity of the sensation.

Our cosmetics can also differ significantly from other "natural" cosmetics, as there is no legal regulation that would prohibit the use of this nomenclature, even in the case of cosmetics containing harmful substances.


The recipes of our cosmetics are original (prepared by Bartosz), and so is their execution. The recipes are the result of a combination of knowledge from herbal and cosmetology books and current scientific research.

We built a small laboratory for our needs, approx. 37 km near Warsaw. Thus, Jan Barba has two places: a laboratory - where it is created and, from December 5, 2018, a stationary store at Kopernika 25 in Warsaw.


Our range is deliberately narrow, which means that you will not find cosmetics with different fragrance variants, and they will not change every season. We create complete cosmetics with a specific effect and we encourage you to use less and combine them as needed.

Our dream is that in 100 years, our cosmetics will be as up-to-date as possible, therefore (among other things), we care for the environment the best we can.

Our activities include: accepting used packaging of our cosmetics and returning them to circulation; packing our products for shipping without plastic; our products are not packed in additional boxes; we are still looking for solutions that will make the packaging of our cosmetics either completely safe to throw away (like paper ones from Deo, Body Salve and Lip Cream), or possible to be re-circulated as much as possible (B Cream, Serum VitC2 + PHA, Anti-UVA / B Serum - whole). We also accept some packaging for cosmetics from other companies from our clients - we reuse them during workshops as a packaging for a sample for  a customer.

On a journey, our cosmetics are wrapped in paper with an imprint designed by Zosia Paśnik

We pack purchases in our stationary store or your personal pickups in paper bags with a cotton handle. Ola Szatkowska is the author of the graphics on the bags, full of symbols related to our activity.

A nice memory from 2020: Ola and Bartek are discussing the graphics for handbags at the Stor cafe

We are supporters of a holistic approach to the human body and skin care. Cosmetics are in fact the last step and a complement to conscious body care. They are overtaken by such things as: nutrition, sleep, managing stress, or correct body posture ... Cosmetics will not correct everyday neglect in the above-mentioned matters.

It may be that we do not ship cosmetics immediately after ordering because we produce them in small batches. Usually, it takes us from 1 to 7 business days to process an order. If you care about time, ask about availability by writing to us at:

Our cosmetics have a 6-month shelf life from the date of manufacture and are stored at room temperature. The exception is the Enzymatic Peeling - 3 months and the need to refrigerate it.

All our glass packaging is returnable, except for the Deo Lip Cream, which is packed in a paper stick and Body Salve, which also has a paper wrapper.


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