[1 ml / 8.5 ml / 30 ml]

The name SÉRAIL comes from Persian sara'i (سرای), meaning oriental palace.

Our SÉRAIL perfume is a classic woody-oriental perfume with warm, sensual notes reminiscent of Turkish baths and fragrant body oils after bathing. The first perfume of this type was created by the Guerlain company called "Shalimar" in 1921 and contained synthetic vanillin and coumarin.

The SÉRAIL we present is 100% natural. Natural essential oils and absolutes give the perfume depth and create an atmosphere that we would feel when visiting a rich Persian residence. During the day - filled with the scent of flower petals, wood incense and Middle Eastern spices, at night - an atmosphere of sensuality, nudity, rooms intended for experiencing pleasure and oils intended for body care.

They can be applied to both skin and clothing.

Just like natural cosmetics, natural perfumes can also cause an allergic reaction.

INCI: alcohol, parfum *

COMPOSITION: alcohol, fragrance *

* only natural ingredients: essential oils, absolutes and tinctures

The perfume label was made on cotton paper, with a black letterpress technique, and a hot stamping gold frame. Both prints were made on over 100-year-old printing machines from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Our bottles come from the north of France, where there are manufactories producing semi-hand-made perfume bottles in the world, the last in the world outside of China.

The bag added to the perfume, sewn and printed in Warsaw, is 100% made of cotton, tightened with a cotton string without a nylon inside.

Natural perfumes, unlike synthetic perfumes, not only offer a much richer olfactory experience to their owner / owner, but also have aromatherapeutic properties due to the content of natural essential oils.

Our "Parfum" perfumes stay on the skin for about 5 hours. All our perfumes are devoid of aroma enhancers, its durability and range. Natural perfumes are created for the holder / wearer and not for the environment. The natural fragrance persists in our private area and is a discreet highlight of our personality.


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